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England Away Shirt – The Tradition Continues

The England Away Shirt.

With the main white traditional England Football shirt having been unveiled in March (2009). Now it is the turn of the new England away shirt .


Umbro’s strange presentation of the England away shirt by Kasabien at their concert in Paris, France on February 8th 2010, where their lead singer Tom Meighan wore the Red away shirt for the first time in public while singing one of their numbers.

Aitor Throup was the main man behind the creation of the new England away soccer jersey. It continues the Tailored theme created using new technological processes constructed to move perfectly with the body of the player wearing the shirt. Made of three different type fabrics blending ventilation, comfort and motion into the garment.

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It is different to the England home football shirt by way of having a round neck instead of the buttoned polo shirt type neck style of the white jersey. The rest of the shirt is very simply red with a white cuffs. The 3 lions badge is prominent placed on the front together the umbro logo and a star (world cup winners) depicting the famous 1966 victory at Wembley.

It is very similar in style to the1966 England away shirt and with more than a bit of luck Fabio Capello and his team will guide the England squad to add a second star to that football soccer jersey in the South Africa 2010 World Cup Final!!

We very much look forward to watching England together with the world’s top footballing countries take part in the world’s most prestigious football tournament The FIFA World Cup Finals starting on the 11th June 2010 with South Africa kicking off against Mexico in Johannesburg.


The footballing public will get their first view of the England away shirt at the match on the 3rd March when England play Egypt at Wembley.

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5 thoughts on “England Away Shirt – The Tradition Continues

  1. Buenas Noches. Me gustarĂ­a saber como va a terminar este mundial ya que se esta viendo a algunos equipos que estan jugando muy bien, ustedes que piensan ?

  2. I wonder if Paul the Octopus could accurately determine when BP will plug the leak – No one else seems able

  3. I’m so glad the Premier League is finally getting started. Will Chelsea repeat this year? They sure looked good in their opening game.

  4. Ive got United down for a draw on the pools. Mainly because of West Broms current form, they will raise their game just like everyone else who come to OT and as the OP stated an uncertain United line up. Hope Rooney plays and gets back into form, hope also that there is no rift between him and Fergie. Just as an aside, how many on this thread are going to the match this afternoon?

  5. John Terry is back again as England football captain. So much for Fabio Capello’s morals, then – or is it just who else could he choose?

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