England Football Shirts

The best part of owning our England Football Shirts is that we can all join in and be part of the team’s success simply by wearing the exact same shirt that the players are wearing on the field of play.

England Three LionsCheering the England football team from the terraces, the local pub, or from the comfort of your armchair at home!.  Of course the matches are much more enjoyable to watch having a laugh and banter down the local with your mates all wearing the same colours.

The England Football Shirt

The main focus of the modern soccer kit is mainly focused on the football shirt itself, the football socks and shorts generally get forgotten about. The football jersey portrays the main colours of the club or country, together with it’s badge emblazoned on the left of the players’ chest.

In the case of the England team shirt – it’s the famous Three Lions emblem.

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The History Of The Football Shirt

Originally football shirts were made so that the players could see each other clearly from across the vast football pitches. They were generally in plain colours no fancy design patterns.

Today each club strip is a highly designed piece of clothing where players are made to feel comfortable playing the fabulous game.

The supporters have a wide variety of football shirts to pick from with each team having sometimes upto three different type of soccer jersey. The main home shirt, the away shirt and the third is usually a completely different colour altogether. All having the short sleeved version also.

One part of the football shirt that often changes is the collar, from the famous round necked shirt of the world cup winning England team to the high collars and buttons of the early historic days of football.

Football Jersey Manufacturers

Popular football shirt manufacturers include Adidas, Puma, Umbro and Nike. These spend thousands in the development of Sports outfits also sponsoring major tournaments, clubs and players, all to get their name out to the public who is looking to wear the same kit the their favourite player or club wears.

At World Cup and European tournaments many countries start unveiling their new colours, some going to great extremes for example, showing the new England away kit for the first time for the 2010 World Cup finals in front of a pop concert in France odd but true.

There would be thousands of delighted football fans from all corners of the globe all looking to buy their own country’s new world cup football shirt.

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and get ready for the next set of qualifying tournaments.

Football Shirt Numbers

On the back goes the players’ number, you can even put your favourite player’s name too. Remember the olden days when football shirt numbers went from 1 to 11 simple no weird numbers (66, 23, 44).

Just the basics starting with the goalkeeper at Nº1, 2 and 3 were the fullbacks, the centre halves would wear 4 and 5 (sometimes 5 and 6, one of the midfielder s would wear the number 4 shirt)

The wingers would take the Nº7 and Nº11 the midfield players with the Nº6 Nº8, Nº10 the main striker would always wear the glory Nº9 shirt.

Of course when substitutes were introduced they would take the number 12 jersey (13 may be not) and number 14 shirt. Many famous football players have among the proud wearers of the white shirt of England.

England Football Shirts